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Welcome to River Run Ranch!
The place where you and your horse come to learn.


April Smith/River Run Ranch
1329 Barney Hill Rd.
Elkland Pa 16920


APRIL SMITH/Fox on Facebook

Please contact us @ 1-814-302-4235 or riverrunranch@live.com


Training fee is $1000 for 30 days. (5 days a week)


I am also offering training where I work the horse 3x a week. This works well for winter when the weather isn't always nice. Or for a horse that just needs some consistant work for a while. The fee for this is $800 for 30 days.


Weekly training will be $250 for return horses and $275 for new horses (for the first week will go down to $250 for each additional week).


Hourly rate for lessons or horse work will be $60 hr at my farm, $80 hr + travel for away work..
Taking bookings for weekend sessions for you and your horse. Normal weekend schedule would be Friday eve. 2 hrs., Sat. 2 hrs, and Sunday 2 hrs. So an estimate. would be 6 hrs for a long weekend.

Saddle Fitting is $60 per horse here (travel fee's will apply). Adjustments are extra. If I have to take your saddle apart it will be $100 at a min.


Now training is available for Mounted shooting. Additional fee's apply:

30 days = $100

2 wks = $50

1 wk = $25

This covers the cost of ammo and balloons.




Now offering Field Trial Training to our list!!

I have the ability to work your horse with dogs, guns, ect. to help them to adapt to the world of Field Trialing. I work closely with experienced Field Trialers to help your horse to understand the vast requirements of Field Trials.

Training fee's requirements: Half down/ Half when done

Hoof work/hoof boot use/special feed/ect. are additional

We don't just do riding training. Ground manners, roundpen and ground work, ect. Having trouble with your horse respecting your space on the ground, we can fix that and show you how to keep it! Want to put some handling time on that youngster and give it some manners! We do that too. We can pony young horses out on the trail, teach them to lead and respect your space. Load in a trailer, long line, lunge, yield hind quarters, turn on the fore, sidepass ext. Lots of work can be done prior to riding them.

A neg. coggins and proof of shots is required for any horse to arrive on the farm. This is for your horse's safety as well as mine.

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We are a horse training facility. We use humane methods learned from many national natural horseman mixed with my own common sense abilities. Let us train you and your best friend to enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.



Had a great time on March 5-8 2015 at the Expo. Made some new friendships as well as visited with some old. Made some new contacts and helped some people with their problems. Hope to be of more help to a few as time goes on. I have been informed that I am required to do this again :). I received sponsorship from:


Humane Society of the United States
Dave's Towing, HorseHeads NY.
Rockwells Farm and Feed, Wellsboro PA
Karshners Insurance, Elkland PA.
Rotzell's Resterant, Lawrenceville PA
Easy Care Inc. (easyboot hoof boots)


Alex Miller
Kris Houser
Dianna Duchemin
Karla Welch
Julie and Alex Heck
JoAnne Clark
Angel Scheetz
Beth Weaver
Maggie and Tim Lott

Quick link to: HSUS

Quick Link to: Dave's Towing Specialists

Lets give a big THANK YOU to these businesses and individuals who believe in River Run Ranch!!!

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